Melbourne Nights - The Hidden Underbelly

Chapter 3
This Old House

“Someone is running a new drug in my area!” Santos exclaims to the group. Al Reese,Dave O, Lilith, Ziefer and Vincent O’Neill are asked to bring down these two bit crims. A contact has said that there is some of the goods being sold in The Bleeding Heart.

The Troop head to The Bleeding Heart in order to confront this drug salesman and find where they are supplying it. At the club the discover a man called Simon Lindsay shrouded in women and sporting a sly grin. Dave O being one on running drugs around starts to get in with Lindsay. “Your a funny man, man!” he jokes with Dave O. Lindsay give Dave O a contact for some work also sells him a tiny bit of the drug at a cheaper price. He agrees to buy it but thinks that this “Cheaper Price” is ridiculously high. After Dave O leave the others decide to get some more information. They pressure Lindsay to find out where the Drugs are coming from and to stop selling around here. They were real persuasive.

The Group found out that the drugs were being made in a teres house in St Kilda. Squatting in a unit up the street they stake out the house for several days. They decide to use Dave O as a contact to try and get someone in the building. After a while a call came back asking for Dave O to come to the house after night fall.

With everyone poised and in position, some in a van others walking the street, Dave O heads to the house. It seems dark inside as Dave O approaches. He knocks and with out a reply the Door opens a little. Darkness oozes out but He heads in despite. Once inside A light from an upstairs room turns on and floods down the stairs silhouetting Dave O. Then all at once the light goes out, the door closes and monstrous Crash is heard from within the house. The rest of the group run to the door but cautiously open to enter.

Lilith decides to head around the back to find an entrance. Vincent, Ziefer and Al step into the entrance way of the house. They can see a massive hole in the floor just at their feet and the painful moaning of Dave O at the bottom. They can just make him out with torches through the thick and heavy dust filtering the room to which he feel. Caught without a rope they needed to find another way down.

Chapter 1
Where the nightmare begins.

A handful of small time criminals have be sent to meet with a Crime boss Santos. The got to Lygon Street in Carlton to a restaurant called The Brazier. At the back of the restaurant is an office guarded by a big burly block called Rickey. He lets the characters in to the room and Santos is sitting at a desk.

He tells the characters to deliver a package to a warehouse on Webb St in Collingwood. “You will exchange this for a case. Bring that back to me. Don’t mess up, now get out!”

The Group have time to scope out the area before the Drop off. The drive around to the Webb St Warehouse in Collingwood. The Investigated the area and waited for the time of the drop off. Lilith set up on the corner street dressed in her working girl cloths and was a sentry for the Group. While she was on lookout 2 men arrived at the entrance of of the warehouse. On approach they looked her up and down “Sorry love, we’re working right now but I’ll be sure to look out for you once I’m done,” one offered.

“Are you two Santos Boys?” asked Lilith ignoring their comment. The two straightened up and looked a little shocked and nervous.

“Yeah, what about the others?”

“They will be here soon, wait here.”

Litith informed the others of the two waiting for them and went back to her post. Over the time she waited Litith did notice a expensive BMW with heavy tinted windows drive past a number of times.

Ziefer and Al Reese meet with the two Santos’s boys while Dave O stayed in his custom converted Valiant, keeping the engine warm and listening to the Radio. The four at the warehouse entered in lead by Al who was carrying the package. In the warehouse what a single light from the roof in the centre. The group realised that the light was deliberately keeping the edges of the warehouse hidden in shadow. A voice from the darkness calls out “leave the package in the middle.”

Nervously Al calls back “We are here to exchange for something.”

“Leave the package in the middle.”

Hoping for something in return Al places the package under the light and backs away. A figure starts to emerge from the shadows. Only his legs can be seen, worn but once nice shoes and pants, and also the outline of a brief case. Out side Lilith sees something zip through the ally way and over roof tops.

Suddenly, a tremendous crash of class brakes above them and angry screams fill their ears. Gun fire and fighting erupts around them though hidden from the light. They go to grab one of the two Santos’s boys to discover one missing and the other quaking in fear. They point him to the door but see gun fire and a large figure silhouetted at the entrance. From the early scouting of the building they know of a roller door to the back of the warehouse and head that way, leaving the scared thug to his own devices. Ziefer fires his gun at the man with the briefcase and Al collects the package they left as they leg it to the back. The man returns fire and wounds Ziefer. Ziefer’s Shots hit home also but the man hardly flinches. Is he wearing body armour? Did he expect that something might happen in this transaction?

Litith hears the commotion from within the warehouse and flails to Dave O, who is lost in a drum riff he is beating on the steering wheel. Dave O kicks the car into motion and heads up to Lilith. She climbs into the car and they both head around to the back of the warehouse.

Al starts to raise the roller door when something next to him lashes out. He is cut a little and thrashes back, slicing the figure with his knife while dropping to the ground. Ziefer sees the man with the briefcase line up a shot directly at his head when suddenly a massive person crash tackles him, sending the shot into Al’s attacker. Ziefer, seeing the man now distracted in fighting the massive figure, contemplates grabbing the briefcase which is now lying on the floor. Al rolls under the door and calls to Ziefer to hurry. Ziefer thinks better of going in, especially while he is bleeding heavily and follows Al under the door. They both See the Valiant pull up next to them as they come out from the building. They both dive into the car and speed away.

The group head away from commotion and find somewhere they can catch their breath. They decide to head back to Santos and explain what happened. Before heading off they cautiously open the package. A medical cold case was inside that housed satchel of blood. They reseal the package and go to Santos. Santos did not take the news well. He yelled at them and carried on, which in luck was to angry to hear Dave O sprout out something about the Blood. “You are useless pack of idiot, get the F@#k out of here!”

Dave O mumbled some wise crack that earned him a stapler to the head. Shuffling out the door Rickey told them to come back tomorrow and pointed them in the direction of a Off Beat Surgeon to help with their wounds.


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